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For Batlesbo - My inspiration. by rockangel2410 For Batlesbo - My inspiration. :iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 3 2 Alien: Worlds cutest serial killer - D.E.R.P by rockangel2410 Alien: Worlds cutest serial killer - D.E.R.P :iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 0 0 Beach digital painting by rockangel2410 Beach digital painting :iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 4 0 Sky pirate by rockangel2410 Sky pirate :iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 1 0 Eye See by rockangel2410 Eye See :iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 0 0 Galaxy eyes by rockangel2410 Galaxy eyes :iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 1 0 Tree doodle by rockangel2410 Tree doodle :iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 4 0
nothing /the same
nothing that's how i called myself for years
not because of the fears and requests that were given by me
nothing is what i felt, when she said she never loved me back
and never will love me
nothing i saw when i was crawled under my blanket
cause i felt the coldness of my tears as i cried out her name
nothing i gave about when i lost her
again and again for another
nothing i felt as a girl came in my life who did care for me
and i turned her down cause i was nothing
rather than the same
rather than everything
i felt everything when meeting her
i felt scared and happy at the same time
joyous i guess i was joyous when i mether
but what do i feel now besides anger and dissapointment
that sadden hurting feeling that i still in a way care for her
more than i should
more than i wanted
:iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 0 0
feelings for M
standing face to face
you used to amaze me all the time
i longed for your embrace
i longed for you to be mine
i'm still falling
but i can't let go of you
i think i'm crazy
what else can i do now
when love is in my mind
every time we fight
you push me aside
you made up your mind
like i'm never good enough
:iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 1 0
sitting in the chair of the unknown
are you feeling fine
if i only had know
i wouldn't have shared this smile of mine
therapy you are like music to me
are you okay
look at my scars
ask me again
therapy you were Always a boundery
a souless person i could be
give me my therapy
and save me from my misery
her girl you okay
yeah why
you seem so sad thats all
well you watched me fall that's all
falling n purity
peace serenity
therepy you were a friend of me
and just like them
you walk away
hope we won't see eachother
just go away
release me from your compassion
go away with your missary
please help me
i am being a useless being
therapy once again
you betray me
only are listening to me
thank you for being there for me
but can't you see
i'm a listener not a talker
am not a dog nor a barker
i hate being angry all the time
i'm not fine
:iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 0 0
the fallen angel
angel no one hears me
everyone fears me
i'm the devil from within
that i'm alive is my biggest sin
slaughter murder
grief go further
love and pain
drives me insane
don't weep my weeping angel
tears don't suit you at all
stop crying
you were there watching me fall
call me lucifer
call me the devil
i am a god in the realm i wander
call me satan whatever you wanted
i fell for you
and no one else
:iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 0 0
laugh and i sing you a lullaby
so don't hang your head and cry
don't give me a final goodbye
you're way too young to die
girl won't you smile at me
singing your own song
bring whatever you want me to be
and we'll go along
don't cry your tears
as they break my heart
cause i can't be a guy with a guitar
playing for your heart from the start
if you smile
even for a while
you'll be brighter
and your eyes will be lighter
so i will try to sing my lullaby
so you won't see nor hear me cry
no i'm not saying this is goodbye
i'm way to young to go and die
:iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 0 0
an 8 years old pain
would your eight year old self be proud of who you became?
no she wouldn't.
but i would be proud on her.
she had struggles a child shouldn't
and i know that i can't erase
that sadden look
when i try out a smile on my face.
but yet again,
it's cruelty what came over me
when i am who i want to be.
so i write after a few months ago
trying to forget someone i loved
i don't even care if she knows
that people change all the time.
they hurt eachothere
like the words of mine
but you know
it's not only her who has suffered
i had to leave things behind too now
i came into a world of hatred
with suffocation and farewell
where arms would turn out red
and i try to be stronger
as people ask me okay
and i just ran longer and longer
i get what they mean with she is so quiet always
cause i don't use my words out loud
and i hope that stays that way
for the 8 year old me from the past
it get's better
at last
:iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 2 0
unrequited love
When i watch this screen once or twice
A third fourth or even six or nine no
A million times over.
My heart beating in my throat as tear swell up down my eyes no
When i get a panic over me and i want to call you so no and no
If this tornado or feeling turn to tears  and even when you go.
I won’t want to hear it cause my heart would splinter.
In once or twice
A third fourth or six or nine no
A million times over
When i picture you like a picture book wich you would told me to burn.
But instead would hide in the closet of my heart no
Don’t think your special
Cause your not
She won’t even remember your name,
In a year of one two
Three of four six or nine no
She will remember but won’t don’t want to remember, the girl who loved her so .
:iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 0 2
a joker for christmas. by rockangel2410 a joker for christmas. :iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 0 0
for mattie
for mattie
my bones would break
and my heart won't give
oh i just simply think
oh it hurt to live.
You took my hand, you showed me how
You promised me you'd be around
I don't want to be the girl that has to fill the silence
The quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truth
Please, don't leave me (please don’t leave me)
If I were a boy even just for a day
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl
cause i know that it hurts
and if it works
i’d swear i’ll be a better man
'd listen to her '
When you lose somebody
I can't explain myself at all
And all the wants and all the needs
All these thoughts locked inside
Now you're the first to know
 Cause when I'm with you
I am thinking of you only you
Thinking of you, what you would do
If  you were the one who was spending the night
Oh, I wish i could look in your eyes
Is that a big surprise
Girl please you are just  too nice
Cause i won’t say  how i feel that way
:iconrockangel2410:rockangel2410 1 1
its a poem cald horizon
it is evening
and I stare out the window
a world of color
only seems to be gray
words spoken to me
cutting deep into my heart
You left me standing there alone again
if you do not cared
you made me think
what did I do wrong
did I said something
or is it to you
and do you not love me
the rain falls
just like my tears
words spoken to me
and I sit there all alone
a vague light shines from my window
like a flame of a candle
a sound breaks the silence
and it seems my legs go
I run the stairs
almost fall over my own feet
a vague light shines from my window
looks like a rose to blossom
I unconsciously hold my breath
while I'm staring at the door
I breathe out slightly
My hand extends to the latch
and the sound of the door sounds like nails on a blackboard
colors appear
gray disappears
and the words that hurt me have slipped past.
You are on the other hand
you look lonely and unhappy
you take me in your arms and say
I want you back my horizon.


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Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
hey everyone how are you all. I am Naomi. I am a proud lesbian firl from belgium with a passion of drawing and writing.



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